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Maggie was a shining light in the lives of all who knew her. Her infectious laughter and warm heart made her the life of the party. Despite coming from a family of eight, Maggie always had enough love to go around. However, her life took a turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45. The family carried the BRCA 1 gene.   Maggie received wonderful care at Huntington Hospital, but sadly passed away at the age of 47.

Despite the challenges she faced, Maggie was determined to make a difference in the lives of others. She joined a support group offered by the hospital and made many friends who were also battling cancer. It broke Maggie's heart to see people struggling with financial hardships, especially during a time when they needed to focus on their health. Knowing her fate, Maggie made her family promise to do something to support others in the group, so they wouldn't have to worry about anything. She wanted them to be able to focus on their healing without the added stress of everyday life. With Maggie's spirit in their hearts, her family has made it their mission to help others during their treatment, covering costs for medication, rent, and even simple things like air conditioning.

With the help of Sue Degnan and Gail Probst, and Maggie's desire to make a difference in the lives of others it became a reality. The two women were so inspiring that Maggie's family took action and formed a fund called "Maggie's Wish." The fund has been in operation for 18 years and has helped many people over the years. This was Maggie's dream come true, to help as many people as possible and lift their spirits during their battle with cancer.

To raise funds for "Maggie's Wish," the family started by hosting large fundraising parties for the first five years. These parties were a great success, bringing together family, friends, and supporters to celebrate Maggie's life and raise money for a good cause. In addition to the parties, they also included garage sales in which neighbors, friends, and supporters of Maggie's Wish donate items. All proceeds from these events go directly to the fund, helping even more people.

Over the years, "Maggie's Wish" has made a significant impact in the lives of those fighting cancer. The fund has provided financial assistance, easing the burden and allowing patients to focus on their health. Maggie may be gone, but her spirit lives on through the love and selflessness of her family and the many lives she has touched through "Maggie's Wish."

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