Bringing Care to the Next Level

At Northwell, we’re always thinking about new ways to put our knowledge and expertise to use for our patients. That attitude is what’s driven us to develop groundbreaking programs to keep our patients healthy. Skyhealth is our ICU in the sky - a helicopter equipped for paramedics and flight nurses to provide lifesaving care at 2,000 feet in the air.  We’ve also brought cancer care to the next level, with a treatment plan for glioblastoma that reduces radiation exposure to the whole body while hypertargeting the tumor itself. Just a few ways that we’re leading the field in providing next-level care.

Bringing the Future of Surgery

Our physicians and surgeons aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Neil Tanna, MD, looked overseas for inspiration on how to treat women diagnosed with or genetically at risk of developing Breast Cancer. That resulted in his performing this country’s first robotic double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. And Dr Tanna isn’t alone. Northwell performs more robotic procedures than any other health care provider on the Eastern seaboard. We’re habitually breaking the mold to provide the best available care in our communities and beyond.

The Real Story: Gina Neri

Gina found out she had cancer just days after finding out she was pregnant.  Every doctor she spoke to told her that in order to save herself, she’d need to terminate the pregnancy. That was simply not something she was willing to consider.

Eventually, she found Jerald Wishner, MD, at a Northwell facility in her community. He was the only doctor willing to take on both patients – Gina and her baby. He knew that robotic surgery was best way to achieve a precise and safe outcome. He performed the surgery that no other doctor would consider, and has two healthy patients – Gina and her daughter, Gianna – to show for it.

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