Bioelectric Solutions for Chronic Diseases

Decades of research have allowed Northwell to create an entirely new field of medicine where injury, pain, and disease can be treated without medication. With bioelectric medicine, neural signals are analyzed, and then blocked or stimulated to help our bodies heal themselves. Thanks to the attention and funding Northwell has been able to provide, bioelectric medicine has the potential to help thousands of people in our communities who suffer from chronic diseases and conditions.

COPD Treatment Without the Hospital Visit

Needing to get to a hospital for rehab can be complicated, difficult, and often expensive, but for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) getting care is critical for strengthening breathing muscles and enhancing quality of life. Northwell is now conducting a study in which COPD patients can receive their pulmonary rehabilitation without leaving their homes. Using telehealth – the delivery of healthcare services via electronic communication and technology – patients are being connected to our expert staff of pulmonologists, respiratory therapists and biostatisticians. This study will pave the way to reducing the number of hospitalizations and pulmonary problems in our communities.

The Real Story: Kelly Owens

Kelly Owens had been living with Crohn’s disease for fifteen years when she learned about bioelectric medicine. Until that point, her treatment involved an array of medications that didn’t ease her symptoms or put her disease in remission.

When she saw a video about Dr. Kevin J Tracey’s work in bioelectric medicine, she knew she had to get in on it. She was overjoyed when she was accepted into a nerve stimulator clinical study… and then even more ecstatic when that study put her Crohn’s disease in remission. These days she’s doing something she hasn’t been able to do for fifteen years… run on the treadmill and plan the rest of her life.

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