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Greenwood Family Cancer Education and Research Philanthropic Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by John Greenwood

December 31, 2022

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Our story:

My sister Susan was a long time melanoma cancer survivor. Spanning over 2 decades of treatments she encountered many nurses that provided invaluable comfort and support. Susan loved the sea, vibrant color, meaningful hugs, her amazing family and her work to create a just world for all.

She passed in August 2020 and her memory lives on within me. 

My cancer journey started on October 27, 2021 when I experienced severe pains. The rest of this story has knocked me off my feet and has changed me in unexpected ways. 

During my initial recovery from my Nephrectomy, the around-the-clock care I was given was incredible and had an impact that will be felt forever. 

 To the nurses on the oncology floor at Long Island Jewish Medical Center:

I am so grateful for all your support.

Thank you for being so compassionate and caring. You have left me in awe of what you do everyday. You are the backbone of patient recovery and the unsung heroes. My sister Susan and I recognize you and want to honor you. 

This fund was established to help incoming nurses defray their educational expenses. This has also evolved into a philanthropic fund to help with research and cancer advancement. 

Please open your hearts and give to a wonderful cause. 

Please pay it forward and support this philanthropic project that I am so deeply involved with. 

Thank you❤️
John Greenwood


In May 2023, Karen and I had the distinct pleasure of presenting two deserving young doctors
with AWSM (pronounced awesome) grants at the Advancing Women in Science and Medicine Awards Luncheon at Lincoln Center. We presented Mali Barbi, MD, with the John Greenwood Educational Advancement Award to enhance her research in developing immunotherapeutic approaches and biomarkers to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Barbi is a fellow studying under my oncologist, Dr. Xinhua Zhu, and with our support they are advancing kidney cancer treatments for people like me! We also had the pleasure of honoring my sister’s memory by awarding Kalee Sunil Shah, MD, with the Susan Greenwood Family Collaboration Award. Dr. Shah will use this funding to study referral patterns for sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with melanoma and advance care for skin cancer patients.