At Northwell Health, we’re healers, educators, researchers, and innovators.

We’re reaching out to our communities and delivering the very best care across New York and beyond, helping people live their healthiest lives. It’s important to us because it’s important to you.

Whether you’ve received care at a Northwell Facility, watched a loved one receive care, or just want to make sure the care is there when you need it, you can help Northwell remain at the forefront of medicine.

With your help we will:

Conduct research that allows us to stay at the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs, enabling us to treat illness and save lives in more ways than ever before.

Provide unmatched care in facilities across our community to those who need it, eliminating the need to travel far distances for doctor’s visits and treatments.

Equip our hospitals and facilities with state-of-the-art medical technologies – and the doctors that know how to use them – ensuring that patients always receive the most up-to-date solutions.

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